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Save money with EfferCept. We are excited to announce the EfferCept Teat Dip Program, allowing all NEW customers to try EfferCept Teat Dip FREE for 30 days! 

EfferCept has been trusted by 100's of dairy producers for more than 20 years, for the ultimate control of mastitis-causing organisms. Used as a pre and/or post teat dip, EfferCept offers exceptional cleaning, killing and conditioning on skin, teats and udders. Try EfferCept for FREE and see why so many dairies are "moooving" away from iodine.

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  • Kills mastitis-causing organisms ON CONTACT

  • Superior cleaning and conditioning

  • Safe and easy to handle

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - Holy Cow!



made in WI

In a recent study by Leo Timms at Iowa State University's Department of Animal Science, Leo says: 


"As farms get larger, their need to defend against harmful micro-organisms become even more critical. The capability to produce safe and effective hygiene and disinfection products on site, in sufficient quantities at a low cost, is a necessity for the farming and food industries, given current economics and input costs... Overall, the 2 chlorine disinfectant solutions [Effercept and EfferCept SG] showed very high ORP levels over time, and also showed very effective chlorine concentrations over time."

Read full study at EfferCept Chlorine Stability Test | Leo Timms.



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