Iowa State University Evaluation

April 11, 2017

Summary and Implications

The objective of this overall study was to evaluate the chlorine concentrations and stability, ORP, and pH of 2 commercially available chlorine based disinfectant tablets (EfferCept and EfferCeptSG) at concentrations or formulations based for teat dipping of dairy cows. The trial is still on going but 36 days of data are included. Initial ph values were 5.7-5.8 and similar among products. pH increased the 1st few weeks and was higher in EF compared to SG ( 6.6 v. 6.2) , then decreased with EF still higher than SG (6.34 v. 5.98). Initial ORP values of the 1st solutions were 900 mV and increased to 980 mV the 1st few days.(EF and SG) . ORP levels over the 5 weeks were 950-960 mV (EG) and 970-980 mV (SG) with SG always slightly higher than EF. ORP levels of the 2nd set of EF and SG solutions were initially ~ 980 mV and increased to > 1000 mV by 3 days. Overall ORP values show high oxidizing capacity and stability over time. Chlorine concentrations of EF and SG initially were 2200-2300 and 3000-3100 ppm, respectively. Chlorine concentrations remained higher in SG v. EF over the time period. Chlorine concentration decreased over the 36 day period but were still 1650 and 1800 ppm after 36 days. Overall, the 2 chlorine disinfectant solutions showed very high ORP levels over time, and also showed very effective chlorine concentrations over time.

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