On the Farm - Testimonials



Garrett Holewinski
Park View Dairy - Pulaski WI

“I’m a second-generation farmer who took over the farm from my father two years ago. He was an EfferCept user and was very happy with the product so I continued to use it.  We have now transferred to EfferCept SG for the added conditioning and softener in it. It’s been a great product for us.”




Van Lerberghe Farms
Wood Lake, MN

"We’ve been using EfferCept for 15 years and have been consistently under 150,000. We’re earned milk quality awards 9 out of the past 10 years from our creamery. We like EfferCept because it works, it’s convenient and its economical.”



Waldroup Dairy
LaGrange, GA

"Before I started using Effercept my SCC was running 300,000. After two months SCC was running 180,000 - 210,000.
I really enjoy Effercept and the results.”



Stelling Land & Cattle
Osakis, MN

“We like the fact that EfferCept doesn’t have the greasy feeling of iodine in your hand. It’s so simple, effective, and economical, and it get the teats squeaky clean!”



Brent Koopmann
Koopmann Farms – Epworth, IA

"We use EfferCept SG because it’s a cost-effective means to keep our cows teats and udders clean. It’s easy to use and helps us maintain low somatic cell counts in our herd.  We’ve been using EfferCept as a pre-dip on our farm for 4 years and we like the fact that it won’t stain your hands or clothing. The new EfferCept SG maintains the great performance we’ve come to expect while adding a conditioner. The conditioner is important to us because it protects and refreshes the cow’s teats. We’re very pleased with the product and use it every day.”



Johnny Gaby
Gaby Jersey Farm – Greenville, TN

 "When we started using EfferCept SG, there was a noticeable difference in our cow’s teats. They are softer and not as chapped or sore. So EfferCept SG has greatly improved the quality of the teats. My hands are also in a whole lot better shape. I can’t wear milker’s gloves, so the new formula benefits me as well."




Brey Cycle Farms LLC
Sturgeon Bay, WI

"We have been pleased with our results with EfferCept. The product is easy to mix and makes a consistent solution. We have greatly cut our teat dip costs and would recommend the product to others.”



John & Annelies Seffrood
NorSwiss Dairy Inc. -Summit, SD

“EfferCept has been an excellent alternative to iodine and helps us maintain a somatic cell count in the low 200’s.  The amount of iodine used by the dairy industry is absurd. I believe it may cause problems down the road much like we are seeing from the high use of copper sulfate.”



Matt Gross
Gross Farms – MI

"We use EfferCept because it has generated outstanding results.  Not only has it helped achieve excellent teat condition, but we’ve been able to maintain a low somatic cell count. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve milk quality and overall udder health.”




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